Sunday Things

Happy Sunday!  How was your day?  Mine was pretty great…it started with BodyPump with my mama, and it was pretty great because the bicep track was Pink’s “Blow Me One Last Kiss”, and even though it is crazy hard, the editing job on the lyrics always makes me lolz to myself.  Other than that, we just went to Home Despite (that is what I call Home Depot because it is so boring), grocery shopping, hit up all the samples at Costco (it was the Stinkin’ Good Green Chile roadshow, so that was pretty great), and I’ve been doing laundry and prepping stuff for the week.  I’ve started making my own yummus because it never tastes great when I buy it at the store, and I realized that the whole reason I wasn’t making it myself was because I hate cleaning out the food processor.  I finally had to say to myself “Katie, stop being lazy and just wash it”.  I got my food processor for my bridal shower, and since we only registered for a few things and I did it all online, I had no idea how big it was until I opened it.  My old one would shoot stuff out the sides when it was too full, though, so this comes in handy!  I used this recipe today, and it was pretty tasty wasty.

2018-02-11 16.24.18
All ready to blend in the massive food processor!


2018-02-11 17.04.06
Proof that I prepped food this week


Speaking of green chile, it always amazes me that it isn’t more popular outside of this area.  There is nothing sadder than getting a breakfast burrito while we’re on vacation somewhere, thinking about how much better it would be with it all up in there.  Don’t get me wrong, I will still eat it because I love burritos, but green chile adds a certain…je ne sais quoi.

Well, I’m off to finish my laundry, hang out with my puppies and my niece puppy who is having a sleepover, take a shower (I’ve only been home from the gym for 8 hours), and watch the Olympics.  I get so sucked into it!  Last night I was so tired, but couldn’t go to bed until the pairs ice dancing team event was over.  I almost teared up to the Canadian team skating to “Hometown Glory” by Adele.

2018-01-20 20.34.50
So comfy

What is your favorite Costco sample?  Does anyone else shameless hover around the sample people until they put a tray out?  Just me?  Okay.



4 thoughts on “Sunday Things”

  1. Absolutely not just you- I try to make it seem like I’m looking around at the products … but really I’m just waiting for that tray of samples to go down. It’s probably really obvious … haha


    1. I was hovering around one of the sample ladies pretending to look at something last week because she had chips and salsa, and she was finally like “are you waiting for this?”. I pretended I was waiting for Jesse to come back from looking for something in the aisle :\


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